We are getting really close, but we do have a few more issues to iron out before we are ready for you guys to jump in.

  1. Spinning; we will be releasing with both SpinRewritter and our own built-in spinner being supported. It’s our own solution that is taking the extra time. Our goal is to have a spinner where the library can be edited and added to. We are REALLY close, but not quite there yet. We hope to have this completed for internal testing on this week.
  2. Payment and licensing integration. This shouldn’t take long, but we haven’t gotten this done either. I also hope to have this done this week.

With these being completed, we will have Phase One of development completed as well.

We have

Honestly, right now, it’s 100% automated; that is where we have spent our time so far.

Phase 2 development brings some huge additions, already scheduled:

About pricing – I’m just not clear on where we are going to be with this yet; it’s not going to be cheap guys. I don’t want it to be overly accessible, to be honest. We use this software ourselves and have massive plans for it.

What I most likely will do is have a “decent,” meaning a bit hefty, price to get into it, and then a small monthly to help keep development motivated and moving forward. The upfront cost is there because we want to keep it exclusive. If you either don’t want to or can’t afford to pay, it’s not going to be a solution for you.

The BIG advantages of TurboSubdomains are:

And honestly, so much more.

This software is TRULY a gamechanger. Certainly, there will be changes once we bring some of you guys on, but that’s one of the things we do best as a company; incorporate our customers’ ideas. I am super excited to see what this will turn into this year!

BTW, we put up two clean test sites last week. ZERO backlinks, no pings, no search console etc, etc. Literally, nothing to get these indexed or any attention. One has over 1300 pages indexed; the other has over 1500 pages indexed. Would I run them this hard, or this fast in the real world? Hell no. But damn! And we are getting real traffic and have keywords starting to show in ahrefs.

As a reminder, we are running this is 100% automated, with RSS feeds. The entire setup for this? Probably three minutes. Certainly, your use will be different, but it makes a pretty damn strong case study.

Keep an eye out for the next email.