Build Your Network Now!

Finally, PBNs Are Affordable

And Automated!

It is simple to automate 100% of your PBNs content, that's right, 100%! Everything that is needed is included with Turbo-Subdomains!

Getting Ready For Founding Member Beta!

Founding Members Beta is reserved for "Hardcore" Industry members. These are the people who will have the most input into the final product.

You Must be willing to join in and be part of the closed member Facebook group. This is where you will have direct access to team members.

You must be willing to test and report on your experience with the TurboSubdomains Plugin. Everything is game, we want to hear it all! 

In return, we promise to listen to your input, and are absolutely committed to making the absolute best product we can! This is our goal!

In return, you also get once in a lifetime pricing of the plugin. Your purchase will also be for a lifetime license! There will be NO future payments for you!!

And Let's Address The Elephant In The Room

What happens if you stop paying? What happens to your network? Your Content?

Unlike some competing products, we do NOT delete everything! We do not destroy your hard work!

Instead, we simply disable the functions of the plugin itself. This means that the subdomains themselves will go away, but the content will stay. In effect, your website will revert back to a "normal" WordPress website.

If you want to restart your TurbSubdomains subscription, on activation, it will put everything back to how it was before the subscription lapsed. 

But What Is IT?

As mentioned above, Turbo Subdomains creates a Subdomain based PBN from a single domain, on a modified WordPress website. It will create up to 999 subdomain based website on that single install, and will do it on a $6 a month VPS machine.

Many SEOs are using these subdomains as "buffer sites" or T1 sites to their, or to their customer's money sites. The content on Turbo Subdomain sites can easily be 100% automated, and they generally gather links, traffic and keywords all on their own, with VERY little effort by the site's owner.

For those who are interested in selling links, the TSD system also has an entire Niche Edit system built into it, for easy edits and management of edits.

A number of our paid beta members have stated that TSD is the best investment they have ever made while in the SEO business, and has returned the greatest ROI of any tool or software purchased.