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In this section, you will get different information about the campaigns. When a campaign type is collapsed, you will see the last updated time and the next run of this campaign type. As seen in the screenshot. There is a search box provided for searching for types of campaigns.

When a campaign type is expanded, you will see the list of all the campaigns under that type. You can see some more columns for other details such as Start time, End date, Total successful posts, Total failed posts, and Status for each of the campaigns. There is another search box provided for each of the campaign types and you can search a specific campaign within that campaign type.

Following types of campaigns are included in reports-


    • Keyword Replace campaigns
    • Automated Post Campaigns
    • RSS Feed Campaigns
    • NewsAPI Campaigns, and
    • Youtube Campaigns


Campaign Reports

In the Campaign reports, you can see the status of the recent campaigns.

Reports table has few columns that show different type of information about the campaigns.


Campaign Name

This column shows the names of campaigns along-with their type. There are two types of icons with the campaign names, that shows the type of campaign- whether it is a ‘Post Now‘ campaign or ‘Scheduled‘ campaign. The clock icon indicates a scheduled campaign.


Start Time

It is the time when the campaign started.


Last Updated Time

This is the time and date when there was the last activity on this campaign.


End Date

This is the last day when the campaign will post its last article.


Total Success Post

The number here shows that how many posts have been posted till now.


Total Failed Posts

The number here shows that how many posts are failed with this campaign.



It shows the status whether it is completed or it is pending. Pending status here means that the campaign is not yet completed.


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