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Subscribing the RSS feed is the easy way to feed your news site from different sources. You can use the RSS feed of a website that has the RSS feed option for the general public, to fetch the content and post it into your site.

Turbo Subdomains allows you to use the RSS feed urls or the database and create the articles and post them to the site.


RSS Campaigns


Add New Campaign

After you click the ‘create new campaign’ button, you will see different options that are as follows-


RSS Campaigns-Add New

Search RSS Source Database

You can enable this option to fetch the RSS posts from the sites listed in the database. Enabling this option allows you to select a source website from the dropdown.



When the RSS Source Database option is not enabled, feed URL is the default option to enter the RSS Feed URL of any site that provides feed.


Post Status

You can set the status of the post when it is added to WordPress.


Search RSS by Keyword

The plugin will search the keywords provided here in the given RSS feed. Then, if it finds the articles, articles get posted into your site.


Image Search by Keyword

This option is for adding images in the posts. You need to provide keywords for image search. These images are fetched from pixabay.


Select Category to add Posts

You can select any category/subdomain that you have created already through WP categories or subdomain settings.


Rewrite using AI

This option is available only if you have enabled OpenAI in feed settings. This option allows you to rewrite the fetched article using AI. You need to select a prompt set for this function to work.


Select Prompt set

If have enabled the above function to rewrite the article using AI, then select a prompt set from the drop-down menu. The default prompt set is already selected, but if have your own prompt set then you can choose it from here. More information on prompt sets can be found on AI Settings page.


Complete changes by Date

This option is to set the end date for the campaign. The campaign will end on this date.



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