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You can decorate your subdomains with different WordPress themes using theme settings. There are three sections in the theme settings. 


Default Theme

You can set/change the default theme to your categories. The default will be applied when-


i) The category is not a subdomain.

ii) If a category is subdomain but ‘Random themes’ is not active, and

iii) No special theme is assigned to it.



While applying a theme to the subdomain, the plugin looks for ‘Assigned theme’ first. If there is no assigned theme, then it looks for ‘Random theme’, if it is disabled then it looks for the default theme and applies it.


Random Theme

You can get random themes applied to your subdomains using this function. Only Subdomains will get random themes. If there is no assigned theme for a subdomain, it applies a random theme.

Random-Theme Settings




Assigned Theme

You can assign a specific theme to a subdomain. There will not be an effect of ‘Default theme’ and ‘Random themes’ function.


Assigned-Theme Settings



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