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Youtube campaigns will enrich your site with posting articles using youtube videos. All you have to do is, create a campaign using your desired keywords and done. The plugin will search for videos for the keywords provided, and create the posts. Every post will get the video embedded in it.


YouTube Campaigns Dash


Add New Campaign

After you click the ‘create new campaign’ button, you will see different options that are as follows-

Youtube Campaigns-Add New


Campaign Name-

In YouTube campaigns, you can set the name of the campaign.


Channel ID or Keyword

If you want to search for videos from a specific channel, you can enter the channel ID in the text field provided. If the channel ID is used, then the keyword entered in the search box will be used to search from the channel provided above. But, if you want to search from all the channels, you need to enter the keyword in the keyword field leaving the channel ID field blank.


Select Spinner

You can select your favourite spinner from the drop down.


Post Status

You can set the status of the post when it is added to WordPress.



You can select any category/subdomain that you have created already through WP categories or subdomain settings.


Complete by Date

This option is to set the end date for the campaign. The campaign will end on this date.



Import Campaigns


Turbo Subdomains allows you to add multiple YouTube Campaigns at once using a CSV file
Navigate to YouTube campaigns, and Click on the ‘Import Campaigns’. You will see a pop-up to select the CSV
You need to download the ZIP file (CSV template, and PDF containing columns description) from the link provided in the pop-up. (See screenshot below)

Youtube Import CSV

There are a number of columns in the CSV that are used to create the YouTube campaigns successfully.
Let’s see what each column means-

Column A


As its title indicates, this column is for the YouTube campaign name. You can enter campaign names as per your preferences.


Column B


If you want to fetch posts from a specific channel on youtube, you can enter the channel ID here.

The channel ID is what you see after

In this example, the text in bold is the channel ID.


Column C


If you don’t want to fetch content from a specific channel, you can use a keyword to search YouTube and fetch content from any channel.

If you use channel ID and keyword both, then it will search the keyword on that channel and fetch the content relevant to that keyword.


Column D


All the subdomains and categories in your website have unique IDs assigned to them. You can get the ID from the ‘Manage Categories’ in the ‘Subdomain Settings’.

Manage categories

Column E


You can set different end dates for campaigns. This is not mandatory to set end dates, it is optional. You can leave it blank if you don’t want these YouTube campaigns to end. The date format used here is -’mm/dd/yyyy’.


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