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NewsAPI provides the JSON search results for news articles published by over 80,000 sources worldwide. Turbo Subdomains has the ability to fetch new articles through NewsAPI. You can post hundreds of news articles automatically through NewsAPI campaigns. Let’s see what option we have for creating a NewsAPI campaign.


News API Campaigns dash


Add New Campaign

After you click the ‘create new campaign’ button, you will see different options that are as follows-

NewsAPI Campaign Form

Campaign Name

The campaign name helps you find the posts, reports, and other information regarding this campaign at various places.


NewsAPI Source

You can select any of the news sources available in the dropdown.

NewsAPI Category

You can select any of the source categories listed in the dropdown.


NewsAPI Country

There are a number of NewsAPI source countries available for fetching the news articles.


Search NewsAPI

You need to enter the keywords which are to be used for searching the news from source. The plugin will fetch the news related to those keywords and post the articles as per schedule. If it does not find any news articles for those keywords it will not post any articles in the current run, but it will search for those keywords in the next run.


Image Search

This option is for adding images in the posts. You need to provide keywords for image search. These images are fetched from pixabay.


Select Category

You can select any category/subdomain that you have created already through WP categories or subdomain settings.

Post Status

You can set the status of the post when it is added to WordPress.


Rewrite Article Title using ChatGPT

This option is available only if you have enabled OpenAI in feed settings. This option allows you to rewrite the fetched article title using chat GPT. You need to create or select a prompt for this function to work.
If you want to use a saved prompt, you need to choose ‘Saved Prompt’ from the drop down list, and then select the desired prompt.
If you want to create a new one, then select the ‘Custom Prompt’ from the drop-down list and insert the prompt text in the input field below.


Rewrite Article Content using ChatGPT

It is for article content, and the options are the same as you have for Article Title.

Complete by date

This option is to set the end date for the campaign. The campaign will end on this date.


You need to hit the save button after making changes. Now your NewsAPI campaign will be listed in the NewsAPI campaigns’ dashboard.



Import Campaigns

You can create NewsAPI campaign in bulk using this function. You just need to upload a CSV file containing the ready data to create the campaigns.



Just download the template from the link, provided in the upload CSV section in NewAPI Campaigns, and fill the data into the CSV.
There are a number of columns in the CSV that are used to create the categories successfully.

Let’s see what each column means-

Column A


This column is for News API Source. You need to enter one source name in one cell in this column. So you will have ‘x’ number of rows for ‘x’ number of campaigns and sources. There is a text file, included in the ZIP file, that contains the list of all the available sources. You should copy the source name from the text file and paste it in the Column A, to avoid any error message after misspelled source name.


Column B


This column is for entering the NewsAPI Category. This is the same as the second drop-down that you see while creating the NewsAPI campaign manually. The content will be fetched from this category of the selected source(in the Column A).

There is a text file, included in the ZIP file, that contains the list of all the available NewsAPI categories. You should copy the source name from the text file and paste it in the Column B, to avoid any error message after misspelled category name.


Column C


This column is for entering the country name. The content will be fetched from the selected source but for this country only. This is the same as you see the Country drop-down when you create NewsAPI campaigns manually.

There is a text file, included in the ZIP file, that contains the list of all the countries available. You should just copy the source name from the text file and paste it in the Column C, to avoid any error message after misspelled country name.


Column D


All the subdomains and categories in your website have unique IDs assigned to them. You can get the ID from the ‘Manage Categories’ in the ‘Subdomain Settings’

Column E


All the keywords(to be searched from the source content) would be entered here. It is the same as you see the keywords field when you create a NewsAPI campaign manually.

Column F


This column is used to direct the plugin whether you want to use the keyword provided here, or, the category name, to search the images.

If you provide ‘n’ here, the plugin will use the category name as a keyword to search images(from Pixabay/Unsplash).

If you want to search images by a different keyword than the category name, you need to enter ‘y’ in this column. And, enter your custom keyword in the column L.

Column G


When you have ‘y’ in the column K, then you have to fill this column with your custom keywords to be used to search images. The benefit of this column is that you can enter multiple keywords to search images.

But, if there is ‘n’ in column K, then you can leave it blank.

Column H


You can set different end dates for campaigns. This is not mandatory to set end dates, it is optional. You can leave it blank if you don’t want these RSS campaigns to end.

Column I


This column is to provide instruction to the plugin whether it should use the ChatGPT to rewrite the Title of the fetched article or not.

If you leave it blank, it will not use ChatGPT to rewrite at all.

But, if you want ChatGPT to rewrite the title, then you can enter the prompt number in this column. That prompt will be used to rewrite the title by the ChatGPT.

Column J


It is similar to column I, but for the content of the article.

Column K


You can name your campaigns in the CSV using this column. This field is mandatory, so leaving this empty will not create the category as well as campaign.


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