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These settings are essential for effectively posting articles on your website. There are two sections in these settings:

i) General


General-Feed Settings


General include following options-


Enable Strict SSL Check

Prevents duplicate posts from being created, ensuring each post is published only once.


Enable Request Through Proxy

This option is for allowing the plugin to make every request to external services through proxies only.
If it is enabled, then you will have a text box to enter your proxies.

ii) Posts

Post settings include following options-



It enables the plugin to use spinner, and, it also enables the settings tab for Spinner.



It enables the Chat GPT functionality in the campaign creation pages.


Article Forge

It enables the Article Forge functionality in the Content Automation campaigns.


Content Machine

It enables the Content Machine functionality in the Content Automation campaigns.


Do not Duplicate

Prevents duplicate posts from being created, ensuring each post is published only once.


Enable Google Translate

Utilizes the Google Translate API to translate content into the desired language before posting.


Capture Full Article

Allows the plugin to capture the entire article from the source and publish it on your site.


Attribute Content to Original Source

Enables attributing the content to its original source for proper crediting.


Subdomain 404

If a post/subdomain is deleted or becomes unreachable, this option redirects the URL to the homepage.


Image Logs

The plugin has a good option to see the log for all the images posted into articles.


Post Logs

Enabling this option allows the user to see the log for all the posts.


Debug Logs

For Turbo Subdomains developers, this option helps troubleshoot reported issues. It’s recommended to enable this only if you encounter problems and need support.


Remove Pagination

Helps eliminate pagination on category/subdomain pages, preventing search engines from indexing unnecessary pages


Post Excerpt Length

Allows you to control the excerpt length, measured in ‘Number of Characters.’ Recommended range is between 200 to 300 characters.
Number of Posts:


Number of Posts

All the campaigns post articles to the website and they come from different streams like NewsAPI, RSS feed, Youtube, etc. This option limits the number of articles posted from each stream. For example, if you enter ‘2’ here, then the plugin will post 2 articles from NewsAPI, 2 articles from RSS, and 2 from Youtube campaigns. It does not limit the campaigns, it will post 2 articles for each campaign, it means if there are five RSS campaigns running then it will post two articles for each campaign.


Interval Time

We can control the frequency of posts using this setting. You have several options here to set the frequency as per your need. The options here are as follows-
(a) Every 12 Hours
(b) Every Day
(c) Every 3 days, and
(d) Every Week


iii) Articles



Article Length

This is the length of the article(in words) to show in the post. You can enter any number as per your need.


Sanitize HTML

Removes any unwanted codes from the original content, ensuring clean content is posted on your site



The pixabay API is necessary for using this function. When enabled, this option forces the plugin to include a video from pixabay.



When enabled, the plugin picks an image, using the KWs provided, to include into a post. This image also works as the feature image for the post.


Article Without an Image

Three options are available: ‘Remove’ deletes the post without an image, ‘Put to draft’ changes the status to draft, and the last option allows posting the article without an image. You can select any of these options only if ‘Always include’ checkbox is enabled. If it is not enabled then ‘Post’ option will get activated when you save the settings.

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