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Embeds allows you to Embed Google Map and/or YouTube videos whereas iframe allows you to insert any iframe into your posts.

In the dashboard you can see the list of all the embeds/iframes. You can easily get the brief information about the embeds through the column titles.


Replace New Keyword

For adding a new embed, you need to hit the ‘Add New Post Embed’ button in the top right corner. And you will see the new embed form.
Let’s see what these input fields mean.


Embed Title

You can enter any title here, this title only means providing a name to this redirect campaign.


Keyword to search

In this field you can enter multiple keywords. All the posts having these keywords will be fetched for the redirect, but after this, the next filter would be applied to the list.


Articles Before

You can select a date from the calendar and the articles before that date would become eligible for this campaign.



You can enter any text that best describes this campaign. For example- Start Date- 20 Oct 2022, Total KWs to be replaced- 89, Total number of days this campaign would be running after the start- 14, Categories selected- Cat1 Cat2 Cat5, Cat9.


Embed Type

You can select your embed type here. There are three options- Google Map, iframe, and YouTube.



In this field you can enter your Google Map URLs, YouTube URLs, or iframe as per the embed type selected.

The google map URLs must have in it.

You can enter multiple URLs in this field, but you need to put every new URL in a new line.


Select Category

All your categories for the site are listed here. You can select multiple categories in the list using ⌘+Click(Mac) and Ctrl+Click(Windows). You may encounter a pop up saying ‘No posts found….’, this pops up because the keyword you want to replace has not been found in any post of the selected category.


Select Posts

When you select the categories as mentioned in the above point, the list of all the articles of all the categories selected above would appear. You can select all the articles with ⌘+A(Mac) or Ctrl+A(Windows) OR select some of them using ⌘+Click(Mac) and Ctrl+Click(Windows).



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