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If you have enabled OpenAI in the feed settings, then only you will see this tab. You can manage all the Chat GPT prompts, here.

There are two type of prompts, and you see two different tables for them.

  1. Article Prompts
  2. Pages prompts

If you are here for the first time, then you will see only two prompts in the Article Prompts’- one for Title, and another one for Body; and, there are 5 prompts in the Pages Prompts’- About, Contact, Privacy, Terms, and Cookie.
The table here shows check-boxes, prompt, it’s purpose, edit, and delete columns.

Article Prompts

Page Prompts


Add a new prompt

You can create a new prompt using the ‘Add New Prompt’ button at the top right corner. When you hit the ‘Add New Prompt’ button, you will see a pop-up like in the screenshot below.

You can create Article prompts as well as Pages prompts from here. You just need to select the prompt type.


Add new prompt

For the prompt type as Article, you can select the purpose of prompt from the drop-down menu below, and type your prompt text in the text box below.

You need to hit the ‘Save Changes’ button to save this prompt. The prompt will be added to the prompts’ list.


To create prompt for a default page, select the prompt type as ‘Default Pages’ and select the page type from the drop-down menu below. You can enter the prompt text in the text box below and hit ‘Save Changes’ to save the prompt for that page. This prompt will only be available for this page only. So there is no chance for having the wrong prompt selected while creating the default pages.

Edit a prompt

You cannot edit the default prompts. But you are free to make any changes to the prompts saved by you.


Delete a prompt

You cannot delete the default prompts. But you are free to make any changes to the prompts saved by you.


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